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of our country. >> brown: i was reading a memoir. you say in there that alvin ailee used to speak of what he called the blood memories. >> yeah, blood memories. >> brown: what does that mean? >> look to your ancestors before you look ahead. so it informs you. it gives you a root. it gives you a basis to stand on. you know where you come from. it gives you... you're not standing on sand. you're standing on rock. you're standing on solid ground. >> brown: five years ago the company built its own office and rehearsal space in midtown manhattan. eight floors, 77,000 square feet, said to be the largest building dedicated solely to dance in the u.s. thousands of children and adults take classes there. classical ballet , african , and the horton, a style of modern dance named for ailee's mentor. jamison has helped make ailee an international brand. 30 professional dancers tour constantly. to date the company has performed in 71 countries for an estimated 23 million people. >> please welcome the alvin ailee american dance theater. ♪. >> brown: and last year they appeared on the popular abc prim
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)

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